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drinks... Records - Schallplatten - Vinyl

Comes with a 22 track CD filled with lots of great surf, instro and garage rock tunes. 36 pages in all, A5, with a 2 color glossy cover.
Huge feature interviews with Laika And The Cosmonauts and The Barbwires, a look at James Bond Themes, plus tons of music and DVD reviews.

Titel: Issue Number 16
Label: Print
Stil: Surf
Typ: Magazin
Preis: 13.- EUR

CONTINENTAL - Issue Number 16


CD Tracks - Issue #16:

1. Laika And The Cosmonauts - Disconnected
2. The Barbwires - La Caja Del Muerto
3. Atomic Mosquitos - Banzai Fallout
4. Tremolo Beer Gut - Junkie Tools
5. The Razorblades - Life's Too Good To Waste It Away
6. The Bananas - Srna
7. Urban Surf Kings - Moguls
8. El Patapsco - Tralfalmadore
9. Space Party - Spanish Song
10. The Sidemen - Volo No. 1062
11. Reverb Galaxy - 10 Miles To Nags Head
12. The Illuminoids - If I Had Wings
13. Stronzo Gelantino And The Boo-Men - Do The Demare
14. Secret Samurai - L'Ultimo Basamento
15. H.J. Tones - A And E
16. SPF-4 - Seasick
17. The Madeira - The Saracen
18. Frankie And The Poolboys - Teke, Teke, Teke
19. The Surfites - Space Mover
20. The Mobsmen - Chunkje
21. The Concussions - Stiletto
22. The Barbary Coasters - Please Please Me

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